As the american saying goes : “having skin in the game”, we invest our own capital in each and every business along with investor’s capital. We will not invest your money if our money is also not invested in the business.

Our current available opportunities to invest are:

Regency Suites Hotel, Orlando, FL

Orlando hotel market is hot and is the hottest location in Orlando, close to best shopping, dining and of course all them parks are within minutes away. This condo style hotel offers luxury and comfort that will be unmatched.

Regency Suites Powerpoint Presentation 2014 updated


Regency Suites Brochure READER


Blue Water Beach Club, Cocoa Beach, FL

Formerly known as Wakulla Suites, we are renovating and rebranding this all suite property into a beach club. We are adding a roof top cafe, beachside deck and gazebo’s and more…

Wakulla_English EB-5

Crunch Fitness Clubs (chain)

Crunch is one of the hottest fitness clubs, in one of the best industries there is. It’s lead by a world class team of fitness professionals that have identified a sweet spot in the market that will give franchisees a competitive advantage. Regardless of economic ebbs and flows, a gym membership is now viewed by many consumers as a necessity item, rather than a luxury. Because of this, fitness-based businesses are able to post profits while those of other, less dependable industries are forced into the red. And, with a steady trend toward more and more people electing to exercise, the industry’s trajectory is poised to continue on an incline for many years to come. Since opening our first Crunch gym more than 20 years ago, the Crunch brand has become one of the most recognized and respected in the fitness biz. We built our name by rethinking the status quo and introducing innovations that have since been embraced across the industry. Because of this, our brand recognition far exceeds our geography. And, armed with a management team that’s made up of some of the most successful people in the field, we’re a company that’s primed for explosive growth in the years to come. There’s no other gym out there quite like Crunch. And, a large part of that has to do with our unique approach to marketing ourselves – the fun and humorous voice that we’ve been cultivating for over two decades.

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Red Roof Inn Hotels in Central Florida (Project Sold Out)

In 2013, Red Roof celebrates its 40th anniversary with approximately 350 inns in 38 states, 4500 employees and millions of guests. The passion for friendly service and quality innovations are stronger than ever, with Red Roof consistently earning some of the highest ratings among all economy hotels for customer satisfaction, rooms, service and overall value. Our customers are even more impressed with the value and comfort of our newly designed NextGen® rooms being implemented across the country with flat screen TVs, contemporary furnishings,plush new bedding and spa inspired bathrooms.

  1. Red Roof is consistently rated among the leaders in guest satisfaction by J.D. Power and Associates
  2. Red Roof consistently has one of the strongest RevPARs in the economy hotel market
  3. Lower investment levels and operating costs
  4. Highest customer satisfaction score among all economy hotels, based on 50,000 Trip Advisor reviews, two years running by Market Metrix Global Satisfaction Index.
  5. One Brand. One Focus.

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      Contact us to get detailed information on any of these businesses. All of these businesses meet EB-5 requirements and deliver positive cash flow. We also have other investment opportunities and options available for our investors. Our principals through their affiliate companies operate these businesses. Investors can also invest in businesses as “regular” investors, you dont have to be an EB-5 Investor seeking green card to invest in any of these businesses or any other business investment opportunities through us. We offer secured investments backed by real collateral, in some cases we offer guaranteed returns and always a timed exit strategy, contact us for details.