The EB-5 Investments

Unlike ‘normal’ investments, to qualify for a USA Green Card via the EB-5 program, a number of different criteria and conditions need to be met. To achieve this there is a lot of careful planning and on-going management required. We have knowledge and qualified personnel to do all that for you.

Let us look at two of these conditions:

  1. At least 10 jobs must be created or preserved, and
  2. A $1,000,000 or $500,000 (TEA) investment made in new business, troubled business or a expanding business

It is easy to buy a business and pay salaries but how do we achieve this and still ensure a high yield for your investment? We will carefully put together a portfolio of one, or more, businesses that are set up to generate good returns and will average a minimum of 10 new jobs for your investment. You can invest in a single business or choose to invest in multiple businesses and spread out the risk over three EB-5 qualified businesses that have positive cash flow.

eb5-portfolio1        eb5-portfolio2


Each project is unique and will be explained at the time of application.